An Arizona native, Sarah Sandhaus sparks vibrant creativity and random acts of “genius”! It’s true…I have been blessed with the gift of creativity and love that I have the opportunity to do design for a living.

My professional experience in the field of graphic design began in 2001 after obtaining a Bachelor’s of Science in Graphic Design from Arizona State University. I have designed for corporations, small businesses, individuals, ministries, and non-profit organizations. I have attained a formal education in design and understand the rules that govern typography, the structuring of information, and the technical aspects of publishing, printing and production.

I’m passionate about conveying visual messages to the community and beyond in a concise, unique, vibrant, and meaningful way. Not only do I have a heart for design, but for my Savior Jesus Christ.

I love Jesus, my husband, my babies (2 boys and 1 girl, they will always be my “babies”), design, snow skiing, books, softball, camping, water skiing, music, food, my chocolate lab, my family (all of them!), the outdoors, scuba diving, the mountains, the beach, traveling, pedicures, long showers, architecture, typography, my mac (the power of good design), chocolate, lattes, iced tea, lemon in my water, costumes (any chance to wear a disguise), antique stores (things were made better back then), laser hair removal (best money ever spent), silver jewelry (white gold is acceptable too), 1000 calorie burning workouts (rare but worth it), red shoes (sexy…), spray-on sunblock, hammocks, old sitcoms (Lucy, Cosby Show, Brady Bunch, etc), a hoppy beer, chips and salsa, to cook, gaucho pants (Ill wear them till I die), sleep, the smell of citrus blossoms, desert rain, netflix, planning/hosting parties.

I hate goodbyes, that radio stations only play specific songs from specific artists over and over and over again, yellow armpit stains, the fact that adults can’t wear bibs, ear bud headphones, loud noises, that babies grow up, that you can’t purchase individual cable channels, mass consumption, conformity, the American sense of entitlement (“you DESERVE it”-gag), big government, bad design.

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